What Is Shared Parenting?

Shared parenting is a plan agreed upon by both parents that relates to the care and welfare of minor children. In a shared parenting relationship, both parents are able to maintain full parental rights and the parents will make joint decisions relating to the welfare of their children. The plan includes the visitation and the holiday schedule the parents will follow, the school district that the children will attend, child support information, which parent is able to claim the child as a dependent for tax purposes and much more. Additionally shared parenting does not necessarily mean that each parent has the child 50% of the time, the parties are free to establish a visitation schedule that fits best for their situation.

How Do I Obtain Custody Or Visitation Of The Child If I Was Never Married To The Other Parent?

If you were never married to the other parent of your child, we can request the appropriate juvenile court to grant you custody or visitation of your child. To begin this process we would prepare the necessary documentation and request the court to begin the process to determine whether you should be granted custody or visitation of your child.

How Can I Modify My Custody And / Or Visitation Arrangement?

You can modify a custody and/or visitation arrangement by filing a motion to modify with the appropriate court. Pursuant to Ohio law, a change in circumstances must have occurred in order for the court to modify the original court order or both parties must agree to a change. In addition, a change must be in the best interests of a child.

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