How Do I Form A Corporation In Ohio?

A corporation in Ohio can be formed through going to the secretary of state’s website and filing through their online business filing portal. When you form a corporation in Ohio, you file what are called the Articles of Incorporation. Those incorporation articles are a formal statement and there are certain questions that ask what the name of your company is, when you have been in operation, and who your specific officers have been designated as. Once you file that paperwork and pay your fee, and it is approved by the secretary of state in Ohio, you are now operating a valid and recognized Ohio corporation.

When Should An LLC Be Used Over A Corporation?

Forming a limited liability company is much easier than forming a corporation, in the sense that there are less formalities and requirements and yearly filings on an LLC than there would be on a corporation. The tax structure on corporations tends to be a little harsher than the tax structure under an LLC.

What Do You Discuss With A Client About Forming A Business In The Initial Consultation?

When we first talk with you, as a client, we have a general conversation about what made you come in today, what type of business are you looking to form, and how can we help you in creating that business. Some of the things that we go over are what type of entity structure is proper for the business you are going to run, which possible states you will be forming the business in, which states you will be operating the business in, what the different financial structures of your business are, if you have a particular business name that you would like to use, where your business is located, who your business owners may be, and who the managers or daily operators of your business may be. Another important question in the formation of businesses is who is your statutory agent? The statutory agent is an individual who is responsible for accepting service of process, notice of demands, and any other type of required legal documentation that is served upon the business.

What Should I Be Looking For When Researching Attorneys To Assist Me In Forming My Business?

An important question is does the attorney actually focus a portion of their practice on the formation of businesses, the operation of businesses, and the closing or sale of businesses? What type of relationship do they have with other businesses in the community? What type of other professionals, such as financial advisors, accountants, and tax advisors are they going to bring forward to assist in the process? You should be working with an attorney who has a good general knowledge of how businesses operate, how they are formed, and how they are disposed of, and who has a competent network of other professionals to bring to the table.

Do I Still Need An Attorney After I Create My Business?

Most businesses do not need an attorney on retainer or on staff. They need an attorney who is a phone call or an email away when a potential issue or question arises. It is important for business owners to have a good working relationship with an attorney, who they can call or email when they get into a tough spot. Hiccups in your business can cost you, as a business owner, a lot of money and having the ability to quickly talk to an attorney is extremely useful throughout the operation and disposition of your business.

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