Can The Intended Parents Use The Surrogate’s Health Insurance While She Is Acting As A Surrogate?

If a surrogate has health insurance, we advise our clients to have the insurance policy reviewed by experts to determine if her policy includes maternity coverage while she is acting as a surrogate. Some insurance policies are now excluding coverage in these types of situations. If an exclusion exists which prohibits coverage when the individual is acting as a surrogate, the Intended Parents will need to obtain a supplementary policy, which will provide medical coverage during the period when she is acting as a surrogate. The Intended Parents will also be liable for any uncovered medical expenses which arise during the surrogacy process.

What Are The Costs Involved With Hiring A Surrogate?

There are many variables in a surrogacy arrangement and the overall cost varies with each client. In addition to any medical expenses, such as fertility medication, embryo transfer procedure fees, and prenatal care, the Intended Parents will provide the surrogate with additional compensation or reasonable living expenses throughout the pregnancy. These expenses vary significantly from client to client. The Intended Parents will also be responsible for the costs of the surrogate’s legal representation and any out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred as a result.

Do The Intended Parents And The Surrogates Require Separate Legal Representation?

One attorney may not represent both the Intended Parents and a surrogate. An attorney must keep their client’s best interests in mind in representation and it is considered a conflict of interest for an attorney to represent both parties in this type of agreement. Although most surrogacy arrangements are amicable, it is best for both parties to have independent legal counsel. Legal representation for the surrogate averages between $1000 to $1500 and the Intended Parents are responsible for the surrogate’s attorney fees.

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