Divorce-Related Feud Lasts 17 Years

Read the article here : Divorce-Related Feud Lasts 17 Years

Because I focus my practice in domestic relations, divorce cases are common. However, this recent article brings a new light to the definition of a prolonged divorce. The couple highlighted in this article has been feuding over their divorce issues for the past seventeen years. Both individuals are law professors, thus, are highly educated in the legal field and may even be considered experts in the specific area of law they teach. Legal education and proficiency potentially provides a party with an advantage in a divorce because they are cognizant of the law and the legal process. This is not always true, however, due to the emotional aspect of an ending marriage. On the other hand, a dangerous situation may arise when both parties to a divorce are lawyers due to legal familiarity and the sensitive nature of an ending marriage.

During such an emotional time in an individual’s life, I believe it is crucial to have someone involved who is able to have an objective outlook on the entire situation. An attorney is perfect because not only are they there to protect their client’s best interests, but they are emotionally detached from the situation which enables a better outcome for both parties involved. After reading the article, I assume both law professors represented themselves throughout the divorce. Thus, the emotions and supposed “superior legal knowledge” took over and it spiraled into a drawn out, passionate and messy process. If you or someone else you know is considering a divorce, please speak with an attorney. Remember that an objective and emotionally detached advocate works in your best interest.

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