Can Your Firm Help With The Formation Of Any Type Of Business?

Our law firm can help with the formation of any business of any type in the state of Ohio. One of the first questions we typically ask is how we are going to organize a business. We can organize it as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. There are different types of limited partnership and there are different types of corporations that we can operate under. One of the most popular is a limited liability company.

What Are The Most Important Questions I Should Be Asking When Considering Forming A Business?

One of the main questions is how the business is to be organized. When we first get started and sit down with the client, we ask them who the owners are going to be and what their outlook is on how the business is going to be operated on a day-to-day basis. We need to know if we have owners who are also day-to-day managers or if we have owners who might just be investors.

Does Every Business Need Legal Counsel? How Do I Know If I Do?

Every business should at least have a conversation with counsel, either before they begin or when certain events occur. You should consult with counsel and you should consult with someone who is versed in taxes in order to understand the legal and tax consequences of what type of business you are creating.

What Are The Pitfalls That An Attorney Can Assist Me In Avoiding While Forming My Business?

Some of the most common pitfalls are not creating the proper form of business structure and not knowing the internal workings of how a business structure should operate. Also, people do not plan properly for when bad events occur. When things come up that affect the structure of the business and the ownership of the business or a disagreement comes between partners, often we see clients who have not set up a formal structure within their business for how to deal with those issues.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing My Business’s Entity?

Business entity is important in the type of business that you are going into. Whatever product or service you are selling is important to the type of entity that you create. Another factor that should be considered when creating and selecting a business entity type is how many owners you plan to have. Other factors to consider are whether you are going to be receiving outside investment or if you are going to be selling stock in your business.

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